Title Services

At its core, White Rock Group is a timeshare title company that is owned and operated by industry professionals and title agents. White Rock Group is fully licensed, insured, bonded, and underwritten by the largest and most reputable companies in the industry. For more information about our underwriters, please call the number below or email info.wrg@whiterockgroupllc.com.


Conveyances and Transfers

White Rock Group regularly assists owners, developers, and property owner associations with title transfers throughout the United States. Our standard package includes a full title search and examination, as well as, the preparation and filing of all necessary transfer and conveyance documents. All documents are prepared under the supervision of an attorney and recorded in compliance with the requirements of the appropriate jurisdiction. White Rock Group has maintained an impeccable reputation among developers. When customers receive a copy of the new owner’s deed, they know title was properly transferred by licensed professionals.

Additionally, we provide any needed escrow service to facilitate your closing.


Title Search and Examination

Title search and examination are critical functions of the transfer process. This is the process of searching the public records to compile a chain-of-title for your timeshare property. Most timeshares are real estate like your home or parcel of land. They are subject to the same potential for issues that could impact marketability. Our team of experts conduct a thorough search of the public records for all deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments and property taxes, etc. Findings are then carefully examined to make sure that your title is free of mortgages, liens, judgements, and that it is clear of any other defects.

For a more detailed discussion, please read our latest article published in the March 2018 ARDA Developments magazine titled “The Lifecycle of Intervals: A Title Perspective.”


Title Insurance

For added security, title insurance protects the value of your purchase. With multiple licensed title insurance agents on staff and agreements with national underwriters, White Rock Group can provide title insurance wherever needed.