Escrow and Trustee Service

Escrow Services

White Rock Group provides escrow services in a variety of situations. Escrow department’s accounts are reconciled monthly, bonded, and audited multiple times each year to ensure compliance and the safety of your funds.

Closings. For resale transactions, we escrow all sale proceeds and ensure the required payments are made to consummate the transaction. This includes lien payoffs, recording costs, transfer taxes, broker commissions, seller proceeds, title insurance premiums, resort registration fees, etc.

Developer Bonds. We currently serves as escrow agent for developer performance bonds guaranteeing purchase money proceeds.

Ad Valorem Taxes. We currently serves as escrow agent on behalf of property owner associations. In this capacity, we hold ad valorem taxes paid through regular and special assessments by property owners and ensure payment to the appropriate taxing authorities.

Escrow Agreements. Our attorneys can also assist in the implementation of escrow agreements for registration purposes to establish new sales locations.

Trustee Services

White Rock Group’s owners have been involved in resort developer financing for decades. Our company serves as trustee holding legal title to deeded and non-deeded inventory in multiple states, thereby facilitating various developer and club product sales and financing structures. Our attorneys can also help create, amend, and restructure trustee agreements to provide clear, thorough, legal, and effective title procedures.