We’ve all returned back to our homes and offices from the big reunion: the ARDA reunion. The galas and glitter may be over, but the collaborative work we do has just begun. We walk away with so much more than connections made at meetings, cocktail hours, and dinners. We leave ARDA World 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose and with a drive to reclaim our narrative. We leave ready to do the work of improving the timeshare industry for our customers, our businesses, and our future. We walk (or drive or fly) away re-energized and eager to change the world.

At my first trip to the Spring conventions, I was in awe of ARDA’s investment in the development of emerging leaders, of it’s focus on preparing a place for developers and vendors to showcase their products and talent, and of the expansive and diverse voice representing all facets of the industry. From lawyers to lenders, from coffee vendors to furniture designers and everything in between, it was truly eye-opening. It made perfect sense to bring all these professionals together in one place. Through the connections…read more

This article was originally published in Developments in July 2019, author Kim Thompson.