As a title company servicing owners and developers, we are involved in the lifecycle of countless intervals. Last year alone, we were involved in transferring upwards of 18,000 titles and, along the way, several owners shared their experiences.

Interestingly, we observed that an owner’s experience, and the stories they share, are directly influenced (positive and negative) by the title transfer process. Most title transfers go off without a hitch, thereby adding to the ownership experience. However, roughly 20% of the titles examined by our office had some form of defect and, true to life, these negative experiences tend to speak the loudest. In those cases, owners usually either (1) unknowingly created the problem themselves or (2) inherited the problem when purchasing the interval from the resale market.

Thankfully with proper precaution, most of these problems can be avoided…read more

This article was originally published in Development – Owner Experience on March 2018, Author Chris Conley.